FRÉ Skincare
In the last year I have become really active in trying to find the right skincare routine for my skin. With alot of trial and error, I finally found a brand that uses earths goodness to protect, purify, and revive my skin! Thats why I am in love with FRÉ! With its breakthrough natural Argania Active Complex, a unique blend of organic Argan oil and Argan leaf water extract, enriched with Argan stem cells, FRÉ specializes in combatting workout-induced skin damage and the signs of aging accelerated by the combination of intense exercise, sun, pollution, and other environmental factors. 
Use code: NEON for 15% off your own!

The Moonlight Society
​​Literally a shopping dream! I want everything on thier website. My personal favorite items are the mermaid bikini with the seashell necklace and bracelet! These accesorries had me daydreaming of being a mermaid all day! I must also add, The Moonlight Society has the most divine ring collections! Use code : NeonGypsea15 to get 15% off!

Daniel Wellington
There is no denying that Daniel Wellington makes my favorite watches! Since I first put on this Classic Petite Bondi watch, I havent been able to part with it. Use code : ​​NEONGYPSEA15 for 15 % off yours today!
Elemental Bottles
Call me a princess... But I hate drinking water that isn't cold. So whenever I travel, which is ALOT, my health starts to decline becasue I stop drinking as much water. That is until Elemental Bottles. Elemental creates these magnificent stainless steal water bottles that keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours! I kiss warm water goodbye, and said hello to hydration! Use code : ​​neon.gypsea30off for 30 % off your bottle!
Beverly Lingerie
​​Beach season is here! If you're like me, you probably need about a million swim suits! I teamed up with Beverly Lingerie to offer BOGO swim suits!
These bathing suits are phenomenal--they stay exactly where they are supposed to, NEVER go sheer, and dry so quickly! Use code : LindsieSwim to get 2 full swim suits for the price of 1!

This is my most beloved travel companion. Having this flexible memory foam pillow has helped make traveling 100% more comfortable and sunsets even more dreamy! Use Code : ​Ilovelindsie for 25% off your travel pillow!